Nadine Byrne
Nadine Byrne Elastic Gallery
15 x 20 cm
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$ 780

Transfer by Nadine Byrne

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15 x 20 cm
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Screen Print on Metal
Limited edition of 10

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Nadine Byrne

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Nadine makes magic

“It’s inexplicable where your ideas come from and how they’re all put together.”

Nadine was involved with the arts from a young age, finding herself on the stage until age 14. She creates out of instinct, following a vision that she doesn’t always understand herself. She sees something in her head and has to create it, using whatever medium calls to her. It might be crafted from wood, fabric and clay or it might be writing a piece of music and designing outfits for a dance troupe. For Nadine, it’s the state of mind you enter when you create art. The realm of magic making.

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