Cuba X Cuba


Limited resources, scarce internet and a very real risk of exile for speaking out. In spite of this, some of the most innovative contemporary art is coming out of Cuba and insiders are taking note. Cuba’s art scene is everything all at once: substantive, striking and self-assured.

Cuba v Cuba, a series curated by Absolut Art, pulls focus on seven of the country’s most visionary, boundary-pushing artists to showcase the local art scene. We take you inside the artists’ studios and share their creations on a global stage, to highlight a country of beauty, resilience and remarkable nuance.

Each artist was selected for their deeply personal work, with an unparalleled passion for presenting Cuba in a new and nuanced light. Featuring internationally celebrated icons like Los Carpinteros and Glenda Leon, and impossibly cool and intelligent young pioneers like Reynier Levya Novo and Hamlet Lavastida, we present to you the courageous voices of the outspoken artists of Havana, Cuba. In this pivotal time in Cuba’s narrative, we can’t wait to tell you their stories.