Solstice Celebration

Curtis Kulig’s brand new Love Me collection celebrating Pride and summer, proudly presented by Absolut Art.

As the summer solstice draws near and Pride month is upon us, Curtis Kulig presents a brand new take on his iconic Love Me series. Inspired by the bright colors of the Pride flag, the artist honors the LGBTQ community, equality and - as always - love.

It was over a decade ago that Curtis’ private plea began catching the eye of his fellow New Yorkers, and soon the cursive graffiti tag became part of the urban fabric of the city. A loyal audience embraced the impulsive manifesto until it became the artist’s signature campaign. Those two words have since been spotted scrawled on walls across the globe, from Paris to Istanbul, Los Angeles to Berlin. Now, the same powerful declaration can also be found on canvases, metal sculptures and fluid neons. All of Curtis’ work as a visual artist is a continued homage to emotional landscapes and vulnerabilities by way of painting, drawing and photography.

"Pride is such an important celebration not just for the LGBTQ community, but also as a reminder for everyone to live their truth and love who they are."
- Curtis Kulig


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