Custom Curation

Curating gallery walls and finding the perfect set of prints for your home or office isn’t always easy. Whether your space is mid-century modern or more country chic, or you’re looking for landscape photography to upgrade your walls, Absolut Art is here to help. Below you’ll find a selection of carefully curated prints in a variety of spaces, but if your rooms don’t resemble ours don’t despair, we have a team of curators ready to help you put together a custom selection of signed limited edition prints to fit your personal style.

Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned collector, or just want to chat with one of our curators and art specialists about how to update your walls, please feel free to email and let us know how we can help.

Flowers in Skåne by Ruvan Wijesooriya; Water by Gustav Wiking; Desert by Gustav Wiking; Bloom 2 by Manolo Campion; Flow 03 by Wing Shya, The Cool Breeze by Carly Kuhn; Girl Out The Window by Ruvan Wijesooriya

Overwhelmed And Underjoyed by Curtis Kulig; Violet by James Thomas; Oracle by James Thomas

Bloom 2 by Manolo Campion; Mid-Flight by Manolo Campion; Suited by Manolo Campion

Position E by Manolo Campion; Position B by Manolo Campion; Untitled (Canary collage portrait) by Hector Frank; Untitled (Canary teal portrait) by Hector Frank

Lemon With Peel And Ornament by Nathan Peter; Lemon With Checkers And Drapery by Nathan Peter; A Darker Summer by Thomas Dozol; +/- by Thomas Dozol; The Cool Breze by Carly Kuhn; Eckley-O by JPW3

The Strand (England) by Kristian Bengtsson; The Royal Opera (Sweden) by Kristian Bengtsson; Myrorna Ropsten (Sweden) by Kristian Bengtsson

Untitled Flowers by Ruvan Wijesooriya; Back To Malibu by Manolo Campion; Pink Bird in Flight by Austin Eddy

Magda by Linda Hofvander; Microdust_82501 by Julius Göthlin

Ever Never by James Thomas; I by Jayson Musson; Moet With Medusa by Jayson Musson

Untitled (Canary collage portrait) by Hector Frank; Eel Soup by Megan Greene

Mean Girld by Eric Yahnker; Midnight Cowboy by Midnight Marauder; A Waltz In Zurich by Austin Eddy; Untitled (Striped portrait) by Hector Frank; Belle de Jour by Logan Criley;

Boy Without Earring by Thierry Porter; Boy by Thierry Porter; Red Lady by Thierry Porter; The Cool Breeze by Carly Kuhn; Your Way by Shantell Martin; Preserving Coral I by Bovey Lee; Bloom 2 by Manolo Campion

Dolce Gabbana by Jeanette Getrost; Brand Matters – Eau de frozen flowers I (S) by Clara Hallencreutz; Peony by Ida Sjöstedt x Stina Persson; Flora by Ida Sjöstedt x Stina Persson; Evening Gown by Ida Sjöstedt x Stina Persson; Marigold Yellow by Ida Sjöstedt x Stina Persson

New York by Mr June; Afternoon by the sea by Anders Romare; En la paz del azul reina la cólera del rojo by Yornel Martinez; Untitled Painting in Cerulean by Sayre Gomez; Chewed Clouds (I) by Glenda León; Ocean by Gustav Wiking

Bear Market (XL) by Lisa Törner; The vultures of Wall Street by Lisa Törner; RIP Karl Lagerfeldt by Lisa Törner; Glasses to see the world by Glenda León