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The curious charisma
of beauty

The curious charisma of beauty

She’s a fashion illustrator of the highest caliber. Jeanette Getrost’s minimalistic sketches explore the art of beauty and style, with dramatic line nuances and bold splashes of color. She works to reimagine classic products, style and the enigmatic female figure. The result is artfully recontextualized beauty, which earned her a nod from Vogue Magazine as one of the industry’s most in-demand illustrators.

Jeanette Getrost Jeanette Getrost
Quote Faces

“With fashion, I focus on the figures themselves as much as the clothing they're wearing.”

Jeanette Getrost, NYFW 2018

Chanel Lipstick

Chanel Lipstick

A classic beauty tool, stylishly reimagined. The lip color becomes the background in a sketched and inked interpretation of a Chanel lipstick on deep red.

White pencil, ink and gold paint pen on colored paper. 40 x 50 cm. White Frame.

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Dolce & Gabbana Florals

Pondering in full bloom. A pair of stylish, rose-lipped women are drawn and splashed with color in a vibrant, floral-themed fashion illustration.

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Dolce & Gabbana Florals
London Love

London Love

Sophisticated ladies of London. Lithe figures weave through the city’s simple delights in a cosmopolitan fashion illustration.

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Explore the NYFW collection

Exclusive, limited edition artworks signed by Getrost and delivered to your door ready to display.

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Our mission at Absolut Art is to close the gap between artists creating and people collecting. We travel straight to the source, collaborating directly with artists in vibrant art scenes around the world to produce signed and numbered limited-edition artworks.

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"Connecting the world's
artists with collectors"

Absolut Art is the destination to discover, access, and own contemporary art by promising and prominent artists around the world. Choose from over 120 limited edition artworks, each handpicked from top art scenes like Berlin, Stockholm, and LA. Artworks ship within 48 hours and arrive signed, framed, and ready to enjoy. With Absolut Art, it’s easy to discover and live with art you love.

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We scout pioneering artists from dynamic scenes across the globe and bring their work straight to your walls. #UpgradeYourWalls with us.

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