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Meet HangSmart, the simplest, safest, and most seamless way to hang your art.

Three easy steps to perfectly-level hanging:

  1. 1. Mount HangSmart onto the wall
  2. 2. Hang your artwork onto the HangSmart system
  3. 3. Adjust to preferred position (up, down, right or left)

Say good-bye to fussy hooks and additional holes! Your artwork will always be perfectly-leveled with HangSmart.

About Absolut Art

Absolut enjoys a 30 year engagement in the arts, collaborating with creatives ranging from Andy Warhol to Damien Hirst. builds on this historic engagement and is Absolut’s first new business beyond spirits. From discovery to display, our mission is to make art as easy to purchase online as music, fashion, and furniture. We bridge the gap between artists creating and people collecting. On you can choose from over 120 limited edition artworks, each handpicked from top art scenes like Berlin, Stockholm, and LA. Artworks arrive signed and numbered, shipped within 48 hours, and arrive framed and ready to display. With Absolut Art, it’s easy to discover and live with art you love.