A Natural Progression

Throughout the U.S. and the U.K., Eve Fowler has shown work that ranges from billboards and posters to neon signs and paint, often working to bring together art and language and challenging sexist and homophobic structures. Institutions from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to Tate St. Ives, in England, have shown her work since she earned an MFA from Yale. Beloved New York publishers Printed Matter and Capricious Publishing have released her books, and an incredible list of museums own her work, from the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., and the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco. Want to learn more? You can read about Fowler in publications from the Los Angeles Times to Artforum, the bible of cool.

You can also check out this video, where you’ll see Fowler preparing for a show in New York where she plans to take on no less a subject than modernist author Gertrude Stein’s whole bibliography. Fowler is nothing if not ambitious.