Pretty Looks, Without Losing the Edge

Absolut Art is thrilled to bring together two renowned creators, both of them focused on the female form: fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt and artist Stina Persson.

Sjöstedt was called on to create one of the most high-profile garments a Swede could imagine when she designed the bridal gown for Sweden’s Princess Sofia Hellqvist on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Carl Gustaf in 2015. The next year, Elle named her Designer of the Year. She’s come a long way since founding her fashion label in 2001.

Persson, known for a style that combines elegance and grit, and also based in Stockholm, boasts a client list a mile long, including tech giant Microsoft; fashion brands including Nike, Uniqlo, and Louis Vuitton; music labels like Sony and Blue Note; and publications such as Vogue Japan and WWD Magazine. Writing in Communication Arts, Amy Ng described her women as having “an ethereal quality, yet oozing with attitude.”

Here, get a peek at Persson at work and listen as she talks about her and Persson’s collaboration, which has an aesthetic that is pretty without losing its edge.