The Toolbox

In the spirit of simplification, here are some artful shortcuts to make choosing and hanging art a breeze.

Design Your Wall

Pairing art with your home is where the fun begins. See it (literally) before you buy it.

1. Pick a room.
2. Color your walls.
3. Drag and drop artworks.

Love your wall yet? Pop it in your cart, check out and it’ll be shipped to you within 48 hours.

ArtSwipe: match your tastes

Because you both need to feel the connection. Swipe right to love, left to leave. Gather a collection of your favorite art, then hit “submit” to share with your partner or friends.

Need advice?

Like we said, we’re art-obsessed. Send us a photo of your empty wall and we’ll chime in with advice on how to fill it. Shoot us an email at