Visual Inspiration

As we piece together our new reality and try to practice more patience and kindness, we turn to art to keep us connected, creative and in some instances civic minded. Whether a work is merely beautiful, or has a deeper social subtext, it keeps our mind and senses engaged and enlightened. As we hunker down at home and begin to build space for comfort and creativity in the coming weeks, we hope this series of inspiration boards will provide a brief respite from the doom and gloom of media mayhem, and bring a little joy and optimism to your life.

Desert by Gustav Wiking
Back to Malibu by Manolo Campion
Mid Flight by Manolo Campion
Suited by Manolo Campion
Bloom 2 by Manolo Campion

Boy by Thierry Porter
Boy without earring by Thierry Porter
Sleepy Face inverted by Shantell Martin
Your Way by Shantell Martin
Cymbal II by James Thomas
The Cool Breeze by Carly Kuhn

On Edge by Stina Persson
Mr Sun by Hello Marine
Untitled Blue Nude by James Thomas
White by Oliw87
Blue Noir by Hello Marine
Untitled Blue Portrait by Hector Frank

Beatrice Inn by André Saraiva
Ninth Avenue, Is This It Press Shoot, 2001 by Colin Lane
The Strokes live at MSG 2011 by Todd DiCiurio
White Stripes by Pieter M van Hattem
I Saw Something Else Misquote by Sean Edwards
Music is just a bunch of people wearing clothes by Adam Green
Greek Theater, Los Angeles, November 2, 2002 by Colin Lane

The Collagist by Jody Paulsen
Gold by Joe Cruz
Tropical Urbano by Jody Paulsen
Wu-World by LILKOOL
Bitch don’t touch my hair by Tiff Massey

Position B by Manolo Campion
Position E by Manolo Campion
Untitled – Coral Collage Portrait by Hector Frank
Untitled – Canary Collage Portrait by Hector Frank
Untitled – Teal Collage Portrait by Hector Frank

Untitled – Black reverse portrait by Hector Frank
Deborah Harry 1980 by Maripol
Cumbal II by James Thomas
Steel Pulse by Todd DiCiurio
Retrograde by Cameron Welch

Breathless reimagined by Akiko Stehrenberger
Preserving Coral I by Bovey Lee
Girl out the window by Ruvan Wijesooriya
Ninth Avenue, Is This It Press Shoot, 2001 by Colin Lane
SAMO by Makeba Keebs Rainey
Ever Never by James Thomas

Desert by Gustav Wiking
Water by Gustav Wiking
En la paz del azul reina la cólera del rojo by Yornel Martinez
The Cool Breeze by Carly Kuhn
Ocean by Gustav Wiking

Chanel Shoppers by Jeanette Getrost
Shhh by Carly Kuhn
K.I.S.S. by Jeanette Getrost
Chanel Lipstick by Jeanette Getrost
Dreamer close up by Ida Sjöstedt x Stina Persson
Be Birds by Shantell Martin

Untitled blue nude by James Thomas
Tide I by James Thomas
17-01 by James Thomas

A Darker Summer by Thomas Dozol
Open all night misheard by Sean Edwards
Eckley O by JPW3
+/- by Thomas Dozol
The Cool Breeze by Carly Kuhn

Ballons by Henrik Strömberg
Myrorna Ropsten – Sweden by Kristian Bengtsson
Lit-up by Henrik Strömberg
The Royal Opera – Sweden by Kristian Bengtsson
The Strand – England by Kristian Bengtsson

Back 02 by Wing Shya
Self love by Wing Shya
Habituate by Wing Shya
Diffusion 02 by Wing Shya
Flow 03 by Wing Shya